Through holistic healing and massage, I seek to treat you as a whole person, helping you move ever closer to a harmonious life balance. Natural medicine through diet and exercise is a powerful tool. 

Gina Chubb, Licensed Massage Therapist


     I truly love helping people feel healthier, happier and tension-free! Since graduating from the Florida School of Massage in 2008, I have worked in the Gainesville community growing my massage practice by striving to provide a selection holistic therapies. I take great pride providing quality professional services and have met the most wonderful people I now call clients and friends.

To grow one must continually expand their universe. With this in mind, I continually broaden my skills through coursework that includes Massage and Bodywork, Sports Injuries and advanced therapeutic assessments, Homeopathy, herbal healing and other alternative and holistic health services. This allows me to deliver highly effective results to each of my clients using a variety of professional techniques and services.

I invite you to experience my Therapeutic Massages (Swedish, Lomi Lomi, Deep Tissue, Sports Massage, and Thai Massage, etc.), or deep Relaxation Therapy using Hot Stones, aromatherapy, energy work, tension-relieving gentle massage and stretching using acupressure points, or treat yourself to my Spa Treatments, such as facials, body scrubs, and mud packs. 

I also utilize a BioMat, stretching techniques and Reflexology (applying pressure to the hands and feet to produce healthy benefits throughout the body) to relieve stress, tension, treat pain, attend to sports-related injuries, migraines, digestive disorders and more.

I first seek to learn what my client’s intention is for their massage. I then choose an appropriate therapy and/or adjust the pressure level for different parts of the body based on the client’s preference and need. Just as every individual is different, each of my massages are different.

I was once asked what are my favorite massage modalities. My approach is to listen carefully and use the modality perfectly suited for my client’s specific needs. If I sense a client craves relaxation, I may choose hot stones. If more specific work is required, I may utilize acupressure. Your massage session is customized to exactly what you want, proper pressure in the desired area. This ensures your massage provides the relief you are seeking.

In addition to my work as an independent Massage Therapist, I have experience working in conjunction with Medical Doctors and in spa settings. I am highly ethical and take great pride in being professional, attentive and caring.

My desire is that you’ll leave here rejuvenated, relaxed and renewed in the whole-body benefits of therapeutic massage and holistic treatments. Your body will thank you for the giving it the attention it needs to thrive.

Let’s talk about your healthy future. Call (352) 213-6070

Education and Training

Florida School of Massage / Orthopedic Massage Certification

Learned advanced therapeutic assessments coupled with specific manipulation for scar tissue, adhesions and trigger points. Gained skills necessary to work with athletes and sport-specific injuries, chronic pain and dysfunctions. Trained in Integrated Flexibility. 150 hours training.

Florida School of Massage / Licensed Massage Therapist

Trained in Swedish Massage techniques, Connective Tissue Therapy, Neuromuscular Therapy, Polarity, Sports Massage, Reflexology, Massage-related Pathology, Integrated Massage, Oriental Theory, Orientations, Research, Anatomy and Physiology, Kinesiology, Medical Errors, Hydrotherapy, Client Communication, Florida Law related to the Practice of Massage Therapy, Business and Practice Concerns, Boundaries and Ethics, CPR/First Aid, AIDS Education, Community Circles, and Clinical Practicums.

Continuing Education, Training and Certifications:

Wolfgang Luckman / Training, Lomi Lomi Techniques
Nancy Keeney Smith / Training, Scar Management
Rock Tape, Inc. / Kinesiotaping Certification
Florida School of Massage / Hot Stone Massage
Florida School of Massage / Thai Massage Certification
Herbal Healer Academy / Certified Naturopath
Center for Massage Therapy/ Cupping Therapy

Related Course Studies and Certifications:

Herbalogy, Nutrition and Chemistry, Anatomy and Physiology, Reflexology, Acupressure, Homeopathy, Massage and Bodywork, Chronic Disease, Death and Dying, Business skills, Pathology, Tongue and Fingernail Analysis, Bach Flower Remedy, Chi-Lel Qigong, Vibrational Medicine Techniques, and Survival Course for Natural and Man-Made Disasters.

Miscellaneous Education and Training (online and classroom based):

Insurance Billing, Reiki, Sports Massage, Color Sound Therapy, Movement Based Bodywork and Breathing Techniques, Exploration in Feldenkrais Methods, Piriformis Release Technique, Carpal Tunnel, Emotional Self-Care for Massage Therapists, Anger Forgiveness and the Healing Process, the Healing Power of Sleep, Humor and Healing, Parkinson’s Disease and ALS, Fibromyalgia, Stress and Depression, Positive Psychology, Autoimmune Disease and Multiple Sclerosis, Active Isolated Stretching, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, Knee Injury Treatment, Shoulder Injury Treatment, Sleep Loss, Bulging and Herniated Disc Therapy, Cranial Unwinding, Ultrasound Therapy, Bacterial Infections in the Clinic, Lower Back and Hip Treatments, Domestic Violence, Craniosacral Method, Introduction to Masgutova Therapy, Studies in Qigong.

Associations and Certifications

Florida State Massage Therapy Association (FSMTA) Member

Florida Sports Massage Team (Member) 

Kinesiotaping, Certificate

Gina Chubb, LMT

Massage Therapy of Gainesville

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