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Sports Massage

Professional Sports Massage focuses on recovering the muscle tissue impacted during sports or exercise activity. I use long strokes to flush out the toxins that cause soreness in the muscles and joints. I also offer dynamic range-of-motion stretching and massage techniques to help prevent injury before sports activity or an athletic event.

Gina Chubb, LMT – Sports Massage

Sports massage is a collection of massage techniques performed on athletes or active individuals to help with recovery or to prevent injury. 

Sports Massage can also help athletes better prepare their bodies for a future activity and can also enhance their performance during the event. But because each individual or athlete has different needs, I access their movement, talk with them about their level and type of activity, and what their goals are. This way, I can customize a treatment plan for each client, providing individualized results.

Benefits of sports massage

If you’re preparing for an upcoming event, a Sports Massage is beneficial to stretch ligaments and muscles, increase range of motion, increase blood flow and help prevent injury. 

After an event or activity, regular Sports Massage may ease sore or stressed muscles, aid in the recovery process by helping the body remove lactic acid, reduce pain and increase range range of motion.

Kinesiology Tape

If an individual needs additional healing and support, I am a Rock Tape Certified Kinesio Tape Provider. Kinesiology Tape helps to soothe pain and improve athletic performance. This specialized tape does not prevent movement but helps distribute force throughout the body. Taping can help lessen pain signals to the brain, decompress swelling and inflammation, help delay muscle fatigue, and promotes proper healing by coordinating movement as if you were not injured.

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