Therapeutic Massage

Your bady craves and appreciates hood self-care. Reduce pain. Soothe aching muscles. Release tension,  anxiety and feelings of depression. Stretch tight and seldom used ligaments. Let the endorphins flow. Rid your body of toxins. Increase dopamine and serotonin. Realign and restore mind, body and soul. 
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As a professionally trained therapist, I often combine many aspects of Eastern and Western Modalities with Holistic healing techniques, dynamic stretching and technology like Kinesiology Tape to promote healing, relaxation, pain reduction and renewal. 

~ Gina

Sports Massage

Kinesiology Taping

Healing and Support

Kinesiology Tape helps to soothe pain and improve athletic performance. I use Rock Tape, specialized tape that does not prevent movement but helps distribute force throughout the body. Taping can help lessen pain signals to the brain, decompress swelling and inflammation, help delay muscle fatigue, and promotes proper healing by coordinating movement as if you weren’t injured. 

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