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Let your mind wander while you lie content and comfortable on a stimulating BioMat. Your tired, aching muscles soothed. Your heavy mind and weary soul eased. Your skin massaged with delicately-scented oil or hypoallergenic cream. Your joints and tendons kneaded and stretched.

Let the pathways open up so energy freely flows through your body like music. Say affirmations. Breathe deeply. Acupressure points massaged to relieve any blockage. Trigger points untangled. Indulge in the healing heat of hot stones.

Let yourself feel clear-headed, balanced, warm. Be rejuvenated and renewed.

Feel comfortable in your own skin. 

I’m Gina. Thank you for taking the first step toward a healthier body and a quieter mind. I absolutely love helping people feel better and I want to share my 11 years of professional massage and healing experience with you. Here’s a bit about me:
I am an experienced Licensed Massage Therapist offering a glorious selection or combination of therapies (Swedish Massage, Sports Massage, Lomi Lomi Massage, Therapeutic, Relaxation, & Spa Treatments) to relieve stress, reduce the ache of sore muscles, and take you to a place of comfort, relaxation and healing. You deserve this. Your body calls for this.
Treat yourself today. Call (352) 213-6070 now for your appointment.

Therapeutic Massage

Soothe. Stretch. Heal.

Relaxation Therapy

Float away.

Spa Treatments

Treat yourself. 


You deserve to experience mental bliss and the release of tension and stress. 
  • The best I've seen in Gainesville, hands down

    Gina is a knowledgeable and skilled massage practitioner. Her caring nature comes through as soon as you meet her. She’s very intuitive and well versed in applying a variety of modalities, a key factor in helping me recovery from shoulder and back injuries over the years. Her studio atmosphere is welcoming and relaxing for the mind and body; I love the table warmer and hot stones. I feel so good after my massage, I don't want to leave, just a wonderful experience.

    The best I've seen in Gainesville, hands down
  • Perfect Relaxation and Stress Relief

    My life is extremely stressful with work, kids and projects. I work hard to carve out weekly massages just to stay sane. Gina is amazing at her craft. I feel healthier, happier and lighter after each session. Her background in alternative medicines and healing arts has really been a blessing with pain and other ailments I've faced. She's a goddess! Make a massage appointment with her today.

    Perfect Relaxation and Stress Relief
  • I would recommend Gina to anyone who suffers from pain, stress, anxiety, etc. She's FANTASTIC!

    I've been a client of Gina's for nearly two years and I am extremely satisfied with the service I have received. I suffer from a great deal of pain and discomfort due to sports injuries and unrelated surgeries. Since I started receiving massage therapy from Gina, she has been able to provide me with some pain relief in the affected areas.

    Gina does an outstanding job of communicating with me and understanding my personal therapy needs. Along with the pain relief Gina's massage therapy provides, I also find her massage very relaxing and I always leave feeling better than I when I arrived.

    Gina's customer care is also top notch. You really feel that she cares about you the person and that you are not just a client. Gina has also provided massage therapy to my fourteen year old daughter for a year now. My daughter sometimes suffers from stress and anxiety and Gina's massage has been extremely helpful to her.

    As good as Gina the massage therapist is, Gina the person is even better. She's great to talk to and she clearly wants to help you the client receive relief from your ailments. It is obviously important to her and for that reason, my daughter and I will remain Gina's clients for as long as she will have us.

    I would recommend Gina to anyone who suffers from pain, stress, anxiety, etc. She's FANTASTIC!

    I would recommend Gina to anyone who suffers from pain, stress, anxiety, etc. She's FANTASTIC!
  • Truly grateful to find someone who takes such care of my one, precious body and soul.

    Gina is simply the best. She knows her craft and is a professional and caring healer. She finds knots and tight muscles I wasn't even aware of and then does amazing work that gets immediate results. I feel so grateful, relaxed and high after every massage. She's well versed in other healing treatments and great at stretching out sore ligaments. 

    Truly grateful to find someone who takes such care of my one, precious body and soul.
  • Great Services

    Gina is also friendly and accommodating!

    Great Services

Gina Chubb, LMT

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